Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Reason

There are several reasons why I started to write a blog. 
* One of them is - I love to write. But in last few years I haven't found the time to do so. And I miss that. A lot. So that's one.
* Second reason; there are many blogs, stories writen about Autism and living with it. Non of them is the story of us; of our son, our daughter (NT) and last but not least, of us - my husband and me.
* Third, and not insignificant, I promised to several people I will do it... i'm trying to keep my promise.
* Fourth I promised to my friend Olga that I will show her some updates and photos from our next journey - England... 
Thise are some reasons, many more will arise in the future. I'm sure of it. 

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