Friday, August 26, 2011

RDI® therapy evaluation

At last we came to the place we had to. Peterborough and Patrik's evaluation of the programme and therapy. I was a little scared how Patrik will act, as when we had our last Skype conversation with Elisa, we told her how much progress he made durring the last half year as we were at her place.

Now we made quite a travel. Will he be tired? Will he still recognise Elisa? He saw her only twice. Will he know where to go? Will he know what we want from him? Did we exaggerate in our last conversation about how much progress he did? Many questions runned through my mind. I believe through Janez's also, although he said nothing. Neither did I.

But... all mine/our worriers were in vain. As soon as we drove to the parking spot at Elisa's house, he was smiling. As usuall for me and Janez... we were too early. Not for much, but in 95% we are always early - except if there is Belgium in the way... :o) - then we are definitely late...

So, Elisa saw us and came out. Patrik was still smiling and went strait to her and her house. When we said hello and went into the house, he put off his shoes and went strait to the first floor and in the room where the therapy is always ongoing. The first, the second and the third questions were answered in less than 5 minutes. A lot of worries went down from my shoulders.

Well, I knew that last answers will be answered soon.

First Janez & Patrik did a work together. Coordination - playing with drums together: thumbs up!!! Back and forward: playing with toy car: thumbs up!!! Watching the pictures - well, at least Patrik didn't run away. Elisa videotaped the session. Durring this time I talked to Elisa about - well about everything concerning Patrik.

After that - it took us approx. half an hour, it was my turn with Patrik.

Playing with balls - last time he was not particulary interested in playing with balls - he wanted to stand on them and tried to balance himself. This time, we played with the ball at least 5 minutes and if Elisa wouldn't stopped us, we would still be doing that.
Then, it was - the hard stuff: putting the house together - cutting the paper, sticking together the paper - well, I could say 'brick by brick'. Last time we were supposed to do this, he was running away like he was facing I don't know what kind of danger. This time - well, he didn't make a house by himself, but at least, he sat at the table, watched me doing it (I'm a poor constructor) and he even took scissors into his hands - with a help of myself - but, there is still not enough strenght in his palms and fingers - we will have to strenghten them up, and soon.
As we know that he doesn't like to watch pictures - Elisa borrowed us her computer and we watched some photos from our trip on my Facebook profile. He sat on my lap and he acctualy looked at the photos - when I said to him to give me his finger, he gave me his hand so that we pointed together on us on the photos. Marvelous.

This again took us about half an hour - then we talked a little more and as Elisa had to see the videos and do the evaluation, we were free to see the city and the surroundings. Now, I could put some pictures here - do you agree?

First we went to town. In the city centre of Peterborough stands beautifull cathedral which was boult in this form between between years 1118 and 1238. The history of it began even earlier than that, in 7th century. We went to see it in January and it was really so facinating that we went back this time.
We were so fortunate that we came directly to the concert - it was around 1 pm and the concert was free of charge - later we discovered that concerts were happening every Wednesday in August and that they invided people to bring in their lunches. Can you imagine this in Slovenia? I can not.

The cathedral it self is magnificent - at least for me as I love this medieval Gothic buldings.

 In the cathedral now is burried only one queen - Katherine of Aragon - the queen of England. The first wife of Henrik VII. Widow of his brother and the one who died with her "head on her shoulders". She still lies there and people even bring her flowers.
This photo was taken by Loris - who actualy did all the photos in the cathedral. She's quite good at it and fond of taking photos... :o)

Well, the second queen which was buried in the cathedral was Mary Queen of Scots. But she was re-buried in 1612 to Westminster Abbey, where she lies only feet away from her cousin Elizabeth I. who, at the end signed her death warrant.
So, as you can see - I'm learning a lot - not only of RDI therapy and how to help Patrik to get the best of his life, although is the most important thing I'm doing right now - but of English History it self. I can't help it - I simply love it.

But this was not the end of the day yet - we went to another place, but this will be theme for tommorow...

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  1. Čestitke Patriku in vsem vam! Sem res vesela za vas (in vse nas), ki ga (vas) imamo radi.