Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RDI® therapy evaluation - day 2

We were up early on Thursday morning. Nothing new actually. Patrik is an "early bird" - what Janez and myself are not. So this is always problem for us. But we undrestood, that what he is - we can not change this.

At 10 am we had to be at Elisa's again. Second day. Will he be as successful as day before? We were all very happy to see that he was. As the last time, this time was his 'minutes' with Elisa alone. By the way, we are still waiting for the videos, but we know that he was good as he didn't come out of the room untill they were finished - and that lasted almost an hour. In January he came out after each "steep" of the therapy they did together. As if he wanted to see if we are still there, waiting for him. This time he stayed in till the end.
We were all very pleased and happy. We were promised to get the complete analysis very soon and we know that we really will. After that Elisa showed us some of the footages from the previous day - when we worked with Patrik and told us what impressed her the most. Yet there were many things - not just the progress at social part - to write them all down at this moment.

Then we went through new objective to see which part he already does and what we have to check. One of them was to see if Patrik seeks our attention by him self or do we have to engage him always to do something with him. So, me and Elisa sat down in therapy room, giving no attention to Patrik and what he was doing. We made small talk. Not long after that - I saw with the corner of my eyes, he was watching us - he came to me and leaned infront of my face (we were on the floor) with a big smile on his face. Of course I couldn't made myself no to laugh. When we got serious again, he decided to go to Elisa and smiled at her. We were triing to engage him to do the first step, with nothing but we left him alone. All the time, we didn't 'noticing' him, he tried to get our attention. That part of objective he clearly does well.

But after we changed - Janez and me - Patrik, at least that how did look, didn't want to do this anymore. He lay down next to Janez and looked at the ceiling. The whole time they were together in the room. My thought were and are, that he didn't want to do the same as he thought that he will banish Janez out of the room. I believe he thought that he banished me out of the room, because I left and sent in Janez. I did that withouth words, without explanation. Yet, this are my thoughts. If I was and am right - God and Patrik know. Will they tell us? I don't think so.
In the afternoon we went back to the coast - to Hythe, where I booked the last hotel in England. First plan was to go and to sleep in London - and to see London of course. But because of the riots only less than two weeks ago, we had decided before we went to UK, to skip the London and go back to Dover or it's surroundings. I found Hythe, less than 15 minutes from Dover, so we went there. We were lucky as M25 was again - real road to hell. We had luck to went through the Dartford crossing quite fast, although all the zones were ful. 
Hythe is a small town at the coast. It looked (at least for us) very sleepy and nice. As we came there later in the afternoon, around 7 pm we decided to make short walk near the beach. An there this photos were made.

Ahead of us was just one last day in England... We were expecting it with... 
I think... I will tell you this tommorow. 

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