Saturday, August 20, 2011


The place where England starts and ends at the same time. Visiting the place was something I wished for a long time. In many romantic novels where the stories take place in the past, the Land's end was the 'point of no return' as it may be said. This land was last seen when men sailed to America. A perfect view on the Atlantc Ocean.
I read (I confess I can't remember where) that when the ships sailed to the West - the guy who sat in the basket on the mast called to the sailboat's capitan: "Land's end!" (By the way; that was before the GPS...) and when the capitan and the crew heard that, they had known that for days, weeks, there is nothing ahead of them, but the ocean.
Durring the way heavy rain cought us. Mile after mile I was not quite sure if this was the best idea and the best day to visit Land's end. But on the other hand, this was the only day possible to take the trip.

From Exeter to Land's End is around 220 KM and because we didn't take the fastest possible way it took us almost 4 hours - togehter with the lunch.

When we arrived to Helston, where I believe (but maybe I'm wrong) part of my favorite book, by Elisabeth Gaskell: North & South, take place, the rain stopped and the sun looked out of the clouds very shy. I was very pleased.
At the Land's end we did a walk around the place although it was windy. You can take quite a tour if the weather is fine - and you don't have two 'tired' children with you.
As we decided to go back, in the minute we sat in our car, the rain started to fall again. Maybe my children have the six sense?!

So this was our travel through the South-West England and although we have Garmin in the car, we are mostly useing it to recalculate km/h to miles per hour. I have to thank my friend Olga for lending us her AA Road map; it is very usefull. 

The most funny thing happened when we already came back to Exeter and we realised we run out of Patrik's milk. As we saw Tesco Extra store the day before - and of course visited it - we agreed to go there again. So we decided to use Garmin as the address was already in - and what happened - we were almost lost. We drove - who know how many miles in vain - before we came to the store. Why we knew that - Garmin took us around the whole place instead to lead us strait.

But we got what we needed and returned to the same hotel again. It's name? Clock tower Hotel

- and the tower with the clock is in next roundabout - only few meters from the hotel.

Now I'm strait to bed. Loris and Janez are already sleeping. I'm vaiting for Patrik. He slept in the car on the way back, so I hope he will be tired enought to sleep in a few minutes. He is still 'talking' to me... Maybe...

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  1. živjo Petra in ostali družinski člani:)
    Vidim, da se imate lepo in če iskreno povem, Patrika že pošteno pogrešam. Moram ti še povedati, da mi je zelo všeč blog in grem vsak večer pregledat če je že kaj novega. Kar tako naprej:) drugače pa lepo se imejte še naprej, pa srečno pot nazaj.

    Lep pozdrav vsem,