Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last day in England

It came too fast. Although the journey was quite long and full of everything, the last day came too fast. As we at first thought to visit London, I made booking for the ferry in the afternoon. But then we changed our minds. Unfortunatly it was too late to change the booking. 

So we had time and we had free pass for the last thing I wanted to see for a long time. We went to the Dover castle. Magnificent place looking down strait to Dover's port. 
At first looked like it will rain - there were some drops of it. Enough that we took out our umbrellas. Useless. The rain stopped before we reached the old castle. So, as Loris wanted the umbrella, she carried them all the time. She had a lot of comments but she carried them untill we came back to the car. OK, she didn't carry them all three houres as we had our tour, but let say approx. 45 minutes.
It's very interesting - the place it self was 'populated' from the 1st century - there still stands the light house from the Roman times. Right next to it stands old Saxon Church. 
Castle was built in 12th century (again - it looks like this century "followed" me everywhere I went) - still almost intact - it was not ruined during any war England fought - not even in II. world war. 
There are three theories why not. As we were told by a guide:
1st * Hitler thought to have a base there, if he managed to invade and defeat England;
2nd * Hitler thought about the historic value of the place and castle; 
3rd * Dover castle stands on the hill above the town of Dover. Location is seen from the sky, that's whay is a great navigation spot. The most probable reason why the castle was not ruined in II. world war was that they (Germans) used it for the navigation. When the pilots saw it they knew they were already in England.

After almost three houres long tour and walk, it was time to say goodbye to the castle. Later when our lunch was finished (in the meantime rain started again) we somehow find the road to the cliffs, so we saw them from the bottom up and not the other way around. 
I think it was better for us that rain started, otherwise I would probably had even harder time to say goodbye. But in the rain and only two hours to the boarding the ferry, we; Janez and I, decided to go to port and wait there. Actually that was a good decision. Although we should departed from Port at 4:45 pm we got invitation to board one hour earlier as the ferry was not completely full. We were lucky also because I returned from Costa's caffe only two to three minutes earlier. 
So we did and not long after that, we left the "Island" and were on our way to the Continent.

Something ended... As I looked back to the white cliffs of Dover - rain stopped again, so we had a chance to be on the deck - I felt - funny and maybe I shouldn't write this, but I don't want to forget - I felt homesickness. Can you imagine? Actually we went back home, but I felt homesickness... over the Island.

But now this is over. Tommorow new beginning starts. It's Loris's first day in school again - she is in second grade this year. How she will do it? 

We will see it soon, I believe... :o) 

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