Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Journey

We love to travel. Usually we go to the coast, but for this summer we decided not to. Why? Mainly due to financial reasons. So, as we have to go to England and do the evaluation of the RDI® programme and progress of our son, we finally decided to join our vacation and 'business' and see some more of England. 

Some of you might think ok, they're going to UK and yes, you will be right. But I'm more specific as we are really going to England - even more specific, Southern & Eastern counties - in this map (copied from Wikipedia) marked with yellow.

Unfortunatly we will not have enought time to visit Wales or Scotland this year. Maybe next? Who knows.

As this is the third trip to Englad for our son, it is only first one for our Loris. You might think, why didn't they take her with them the last two times? Well, the reason was, we didn't know what Patrik Ian's reaction on the voyage would be. As the last (going by car) and the one before (traveling by plane) were quite something we didn't expect in positive sense, at last we decided we will all go and try to get the best of it. :o) Fingers crossed... 

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