Monday, August 29, 2011

"Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you..."

by Crowded House... We could sing that. :o) As we went to England, here in Slovenia the weather was nice, not too hot, but nice. In England we had great weather - rain only two or three times and when we didn't care what kind of weather is outhere... In Slovenia we were told the temperatures went 'sky high' - up to 35°C and even more. On Saturday night when we passed through the Karavanke tunnel - temperature changed in 7 km distance from 11°C on Austria side to 24°C on Slovenia's side - hour 9 pm. But Sunday and also today, the weather was nice - warm 26°C. A little more than we had in England but much less than last week's temperature in Slovenia.

I was at work today - first day after 2 weeks of absence. I... don't want to talk about it... I still owe you some pictures, don't I? And some informations about second day we have been at Elisa's. Well, here they are. 

On Wednesday when we left Peterborough we went further to the EastNorth to Castle Rising Castle. So, those who don't know... Castle Rising is a village and second 'castle' is a medieval castle - again from approx. 12th century. It was the last home from queen Isabella after her husband's - king Edward II - death. I think she had something to do with it... ups...
It was nice to see a castle with high dikes and deep ditches. I wondered how it must have been when the ditches were full of water... But my imagination helped me once again. We had lovely day and we made quite a few photos... Not all I will sare with you.. :o)
Returning back to the hotel, Patrik fell asleep. No wonder. First an hour and half of work, than walking through the town, having good meal and after that again more than an hour long walk through the ruins... I almost fell asleep, but... Loris didn't let me to... She was full of questions which had to be answered immediately... Mostly about the castle and the queen. She is in that age that kings and queens attract her magicaly. Well, I learned something through the castle and other... I confess, I made up. Yet, she was satisfied. At least I hope so...
And for the last, one more time...

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