Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Beginning

I found this on internet and I love it...

Why? Well, first of all I'm a mother of two - a 7 years old girl Loris (NT) and 5 years old son Patrik Ian diagnosed with Autism. 
Although we became almost indiferent to what people we don't know, think about our son's behaviour, here and there I (especially) just can't walk away with no answer to those who give comments about it. 
And this are the perfect words for our T-shirts. Maybe, just maybe, people will think before they will start to comment.


  1. Hi Petra, I am enjoying reading your blog. I have some autism awareness cards that people can give out to others when in this situation, please remind me to give you a bunch when you come next week.
    Elisa x

  2. Čestitke za blog. Uživajte na potovanju. Lupčka Loris in Patriku.

  3. Čestitke za blog tudi z moje strani, čeprav se z angleščino malo matram.Lepo potovanje vam želim, polupčkaj Ljubico in Sončka.