Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beatle mania at Amesbury

We woke in the morning - Patrik Ian woke at 5.15 am, but somehow we managed to get him quiet till 6am, but after that no way.

First 'check point' we had in Brighton, where we decided to see some things - of course the famous Brighton pier 
and the Royal Pavilion

More about this Palace you can find here: The Royal Pavilion in Brighton

Of course Loris wouldn't be Loris. She just needed to show off a little bit...

But almost the best was yet to come for today. After site seeing in Brighton we went forward. We had to come to Amesbury, where I booked a hotel. We have Garmin with us, but we tried to use my map from Michelin Route site and as hard to believe, we found the hotel without Garmin. Only the road signs. OK, I will be honest with you. We missed only exits, but we were never to far to turn around and go back.

When we came to the hotel Antrobus, we got room No. 20. After coming to the room we were a little bit surprised to see so many pictures of The Beatles on the walls. Finally we found out that we got the room in which The Beatles stayed while they were filming the 'HELP' in 1965.  

So, tonight we will sleep in famous room from the 20th Century, tomorow we'll meet the Druids from 3000 BC.

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  1. Dobro jutro. Pa ne pozabit Loretke in Patrika v tej slavni sobi pofotkat :o)