Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bath & University Cities

First I have to appologise - in our last two hotels we didn't have the internet conectivity as I wanted to - so I was unable to update our travel.

On Sunday we left the Exeter and were heading to Bath - another place so many times described in, at this point, Jane Austen's books. Janez wanted to visit Roman Baths but, there were too many people and the waiting line was very, very long.

Knowing Patrik, we decided not to wait, we rather went around the city. So, we soon found the Circus - the part of Bath where the buildings stand in circle - three streets lead into it - Gay Street, Brock Street and Bennett Street (I don't think, the last name has anything to do with the Bennet family in Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice - :o) )
The Circle is really very interesting and beautiful. I think we will never get used to their parking in the middle of the streets - on sides - no matter how wide the road is... And no one get angry because of this...
Another beautiful place is Royal Crescent - not a whole circle but only a half - with a wide park infront of it.

After leaving Bath, we then went to Oxford. As we took too much time to se as much as possible of Bath, we were too late to visit university in Oxford. But Loris anyway tried to get in... :o)

We told her that she has a lot of time ahead of her, but... the child is stubborn... :o) (only joking)
Anyway Oxford has many sites to see, but we had too little time to see them all...

Next day we were heading to Cambridge. Although the Oxford is nice, we liked Cambridge better - and not only for the reason that we managed to get into the St. John's College, but the city itself is more... more... ok... it breathes with the knowledge - that was my and Janez's impression of it.
And as Loris tried to get into the university in Oxford - this time Patrik was trying to. :o)

St John's College is really something to see - at least the places that are open to the public (library was not) and here are some photos of it.
 Mirror arcade is somehting you really had to stop and look carefully. It looked as there is really a mirror as it offeres the 'mirror' look of the wall besed it.

In Cambridge we found a very nice restaurant - Italian one - Prezzo - which will definitly see us again if we will have business there again. Two hungry and thirsty children got enough of everything - and ate without complaining. :o) uffff...
Now we will have almost two days of work. The reason for this travel finally came and tommorow we will see Elisa (hope the hour still stands) and confirm how much Patrik Ian's development went further and what will be new assignments for the next 6 months...  

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