Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Adiction

This is a commont truth; when something goes wrong, things are keep on going wrong more and more...

My name is Petra and I'm adicted to computer and internet.

Here and Now: This is my confession. I said it out loud.

About month ago my laptop died - mother board. Then yesterday morning we found out that PC gives no sign of life. After that, we learned that we can not connect on internet with Janez's (my husband) lap-top. It made me crazy. Really. I just couldn't believe it. Janez said I have 'bad influence' on our computer devices. Crazy. And no stores were open as it was national holiday.
Fortunatly Janez was right what went wrong with PC so, today we bought the part and PC is working... Hallelujah!!!

OK it was not so bad, but I missed it... As we didn't have Loris at home, I had some time for me and then I usually go and check E-mails (home, work, home...), but yesterday the only thing that worked was my phone and that was not enough for me.

And now... I started to feel 'travel rush' and I hate it... :o(

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